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As of today (15 January 2015) it has become easier to spend your well earned money in South Africa with the travel money card from airline Virgin Australia the Velocity Global Wallet adding support for the South African currency Rand (ZAR). Support for the currency makes sense with closer ties between Virgin Australia and South African Airways as well as a partnership between Etihad Airways and the South African flag carrier which has a significant equity stake in Virgin Australia.


Below is an extract of a comparison of the Velocity Global Wallet vs the QANTAS Cash Card, a link to the full review can be found below.

Velocity Global Wallet (Virgin Australia) vs QANTAS Cash

First we take a look at the newest entrants into the travel money card market, Australia’s two biggest airlines Virgin Australia and QANTAS whom have both launched their respective products in 2013 with a massive market share. This is due to most Australians being affiliated to one of the airline’s respective frequent flyer programmes, so popular that QANTAS Frequent Flyer points are often being compared to Australia’s second currency.

Velocity Global Wallet
$0 Load Fee

  • Free to request with Velocity membership
  • Earn Velocity Frequent Flyer points
  • Lock in exchange rates
  • Choose from 11 different currencies
  • Supplementary Card ($10.00 fee)
  • Global Wallet iPhone & Android app
  • Prepaid Visa

$0 Load Fee


  • Included with QANTAS Frequent Flyer
  • Earn QANTAS Frequent Flyer points
  • Lock in exchange rates
  • Choose from 11 different currencies
  • No domestic ATM fees
  • Q-Chip for faster QANTAS check in
  • Prepaid MasterCard

The offerings from both QANTAS and Virgin are very similar, both travel money cards come standard as part of the respective airline’s frequent flyer programme. Once you receive your membership card the onus is then on the member to opt into the service, otherwise the card will remain deactivated.

Both cards offer the most commonly used currencies, Velocity Global Wallet comes with 10 including Australian Dollars however QANTAS has a slight edge due to the airlines partnership with Middle Eastern airline Emirates. Not only does it include the same 10 currencies but it also has the added bonus of the United Arab Emirates Dirham. This is a slight draw back of the Velocity Global Wallet especially given that Virgin Australia not only partners with Etihad Airlines but is also partly owned by the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates.

Velocity Global Wallet QANTAS Cash
AUD – Australian Dollar AUD – Australian Dollar
CAD – Canadian Dollar CAD – Canadian Dollar
EUR – Euro EUR – Euro
HKD – Hong Kong Dollar HKD – Hong Kong Dollar
JPY – Japanese Yen JPY – Japanese Yen
NZD – New Zealand Dollar NZD – New Zealand Dollar
GBP – Great British Pound GBP – Great British Pound
SGD – Singapore Dollar SGD – Singapore Dollar
THB – Thai Baht THB – Thai Baht
USD – United States Dollar USD – United States Dollar
ZAR – South African Rand AED – UAE Dirham

To check out the full comparison of travel money cards, check out the original post HERE.

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