About loneXplorer

Everything you need to know about my travel adventures.


About loneXplorer

Everything you need to know about my travel adventures.

Welcome to loneXplorer

Hello and thank you for visiting loneXplorer.com.au, the travel blog of Dan Draper. Travelling can be a daunting experience for many people including myself, so I hope that writing about my experiences here will help, educate and inform those who read and hopefully inspire others to get out there and see the world.

Who am I?

I’m your average everyday Aussie guy working from 9 to 5 in an effort to save up for that next big trip, but simply put I’m passionate about travelling and love to write about it so that I can share my experiences with others who need a little help in discovering the world. I live in the outer hilly suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and I also work in the city that has been voted the most liveable in the world time and time again as a Senior Payroll Officer (that part isn’t exactly exciting, BELIEVE ME!).

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What's loneXplorer all about?

The goal of loneXplorer is to basically cut through the crap and get right down to the nitty gritty of what you can expect to see and do if you decide to take on any of the adventures I undertake. I want to give you as much detail as I possibly can to help you make an informed decision on where to go, stay and eat.

For starters, if you’re an 18-30 something year old looking for a grand European adventure check out my day by day detailed account of seeing Europe with Topdeck on the 49 Day Mega European tour. Start here with Day 1 travelling from London to Paris and work your way through the entire 49 days retiring to London. Even if you don’t plan on taking this tour it still offers you a great insight on what to expect on youth group tours as they pretty much all follow the same path.

loneXplorer was created as I found that there were not many travel websites that went into specific details about what to expect when travelling on group tours. The pivotal point in launching this site came when exploring Europe for the first time and joining a Topdeck tour, the target market for this tour is young travellers and I found that their simply wasn’t anything out there worth reading about prior to travelling to find out what to expect in any detail, so I hope to fill this gap for many travellers.

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Busabout La Tomatina Festival

The great thing about the Busabout Hop-On Hop-Off network of destinations is that they all link up with various other tours and festivals that Busabout also offer trips for. Whilst in Valencia in August you have the opportunity to experience the La Tomatina Festival, basically a massive food fight held every year in the small town of Buñol outside of Valencia.

The three day hotel package from Busabout is defiantly worth it, staying in good quality shared hotels for the duration of the stay including transport to the festival grounds and access to the official La Tomatina after party.