Rome to Greece via Ferry: Day 16 Topdeck Mega European Tour

Greece / Italy / Topdeck Mega European

This leg of our Topdeck Mega European Tour isn’t the most exciting part of the trip as we continue, a not very exciting day awaits us today with our destination being Greece, except today is made up of a long drive from Rome up north west to the Italian port city of Ancona for an overnight ferry to Greece.


MAY 16, 2012 – Rome to Igoumenitsa

We left bright and early for our 2pm departure on the ferry which takes about 16 hours to cross, yes that’s right a long 16 hours. We arrived early to get our spot on the ferry and were warned that this will be our first experience of “Greek Time” where nothing runs on time. An hour after our scheduled departure we set sail.

Our rooms in the ferry were actually not too bad despite being the most tiny rooms ever, additionally four of us needed to fit into the room, luckily we didn’t take our luggage on board with us otherwise it would have been impossible to get inside.

The ferry was quite large with a small casino, lounges and bars to sit around and two restaurants. It also had an outside bar on the top deck, however it was way too cold to go sit out there, so most of us kept to the indoors.

At night there is also a disco tech on board (the Europeans really love their disco!) and there was also a man on board singing on stage to keep the small crowd slightly entertained (make applause please, cha cha cha are just some of his over used catch phrases).

With not much to do it was off the bed by about 11pm with the next day the beginning of our three days of Greek sailing to look forward to.

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