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Canakkale to Istanbul via Gallipoli: Day 11 Topdeck Turkey Explored Tour Topdeck Turkey Explored / Turkey

Today is the final full day of the Topdeck Turkey Explored Tour, this morning we depart the city of Canakkale and catch the ferry back to the European side of Turkey to the Gallipoli Peninsula to the site where the ANZAC legend was born back in 1915 during World War I. Once we have experienced a history lesson that resonates close to most of us on...

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Ankara to Cappadocia – Day 03 & 04 Topdeck Turkey Explored Tour Topdeck Turkey Explored / Turkey

We continue our 12 Day Tour of Turkey with tour provider Topdeck by waking up in the Turkish capital of Ankara after a late arrival last night to our hotel. Today we are heading for the famous Cappadocia region of Turkey and the excitement of Hot Air Ballooning, but first after checking out of the Ankyra Hotel we will make our first stop for the day at The Mausoleum of Atatürk, a site that pays respect and honours the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Kavala to Gallipoli: Day 26 Topdeck Mega European Tour Topdeck Mega European / Turkey

That familiar catch cry again this morning... Another early start as we pack for the 20th or so time with our destination being the battlefields of Gallipoli. Today we have a major border crossing leaving the European Union from Greece and heading to Turkey, a painful process that would go away if Turkey were just accepted into the European Union.