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Today marks 6 months of living and working on Lizard Island and ever since arriving one of my personal favourite things to do in the evening when I’m not occupied with work is to view the many changing aspects of the island’s sunset. On a clear night each month provides a different view as we move from the dry season (winter) to the wet season (summer) and have the added differences in weather from the mainland on the horizon.


Without a doubt the best vantage point for a sunset on Lizard Island is from the highest point on the island at Cook’s Look. From up here you can experience a 360-degree view of the whole island and watch the sun setting over the resort.

These two pictures were taken on September 11, 2010 just 2 weeks after arriving on the island. During this time of the year the sun sets with a magnificent orange glow as it sets over the mainland in the distance.

Some of the best pictures came on the night of September 29 from the shoreline of Anchor Bay right in front of the Lizard Island Resort. At the end of the beach is a gazebo overlooking Osprey Island directly in front of the sun setting and offered a stunning backdrop before the night set in.

As Christmas fast approached the scenery took on a dramatic change with the full-bodied orange sun a thing of the past, the sunset now presented an orange glow over the water that was as calm as a lake. These shots were taken on December 5, 2010 from Chinaman’s Ridge and really demonstrate what a special place Far North Queensland is to live.

After the New Year evidence of the wet season starting to roll in were seen on the horizon with sunset viewing becoming a rare opportunity. On January 4, 2011 the sun was hiding behind cloud cover but managed to make a stunning appearance at the last minute. Although not seen, thunderstorms were brewing on the horizon as an orange tinge provided an end to an otherwise sunny day on the island.

Finally the most recent occasion was a special moment as most of February we have been without a sunset. Despite a lot of sunny blue-sky days, the cloud seemed to roll in around 6:30pm when prime viewing takes place. On the night of February 22, 2011 Anchor Bay put on an impressive show with the island’s fishing charter boat Fascination in the foreground.

For more information on Lizard Island and the resort, visit or follow the island on Twitter @LizardIsle

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