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Istanbul to Ankara – Day 02 Topdeck Turkey Explored Tour Topdeck Turkey Explored / Turkey

This morning our newly formed tour group will embark on our first full day of the Topdeck 12 Day Turkey Explored tour beginning from the biggest and most well known city in Turkey, Istanbul. Today we are taken around this bustling city to check out the main attractions of the city situated close by our very central hotel. Later on in the afternoon we head on the coach and meet our driver for the first time and make our way to the capital city of Turkey Ankara.

A Turkish adventure begins, Istanbul – Day 01 Topdeck Turkey Explored Tour Topdeck Turkey Explored / Turkey

For the next two and a half weeks I will be exploring the fascinating country of Turkey with the journey beginning in the largest and most recognised Turkish city of Istanbul. The first two nights will be spent in this bustling tourist city followed by another night included as part of the twelve day Topdeck Turkey Explored tour which will take in many of the sights this country has to offer. This will be my second Topdeck tour.