Paddle steaming along the mighty Murray River

New South Wales / Victoria

The famous border river between New South Wales and Victoria the River Murray is best known as the home of the paddle steamer and the best place along the river to experience how river travel was conducted over a century ago is in the town of Echuca. Echuca is located on the Victorian side of the border with the river officially apart of New South Wales, the Port of Echuca is the main hub for a selection of different paddle steamer journeys.


One of those paddle steamers is the P.S. Emmylou a wood powered steamer giving visitors the opportunity to take a one hour tour of the Murray starting from the Port of Echuca and heading up river. Along the tour the captain of the ship provides a running commentary talking about the area, the other paddle steamers which are passed and what visitors will find if they continue alone the river in either direction.

The Emmylou steamer is also available for charter on one or two night trips which can go as far as Yarrawonga/Mulwala up stream where the river is blocked by the spillway of Lake Mulwala. The river also continues downstream into South Australia where it eventually makes its way out to the Southern Ocean.

While Echuca being the tourist town it is, don’t go there expecting an abundance of tourist attractions and things to do unless you are firmly into your water sports and river activities. Another attraction in the area is The Great Australian Beer Shed displaying thousands of beer cans and memorabilia. However Echuca is a great little town for a one night stop over and taking a paddle steam ride is a must do on any visitors list.

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