Getting ready for the next big adventure: Lizard Island


It has been a while since this website has seen any action but with some big changes in my life about to occur, it was only fitting that I invested some time and money into reviving it to document my unique new adventure.


loneXplorer will the home of all my adventures with one major one about to begin. On Tuesday 31 August, 2010 I will leave my home in cold old Melbourne and head north to the warm and consistent temperatures of Lizard Island. Where is Lizard Island you ask? The island is accessible via a one hour light plane flight north of Cairns, smack bang in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef.

Put simply it is an island in the middle of no where, no mobile phone reception and the only way you can leave the island is by light plane, it leaves and arrives at the island 2 times a day. The island is a national park and is home to a 5 star resort and a Great Barrier Reef research station.

While living and working on the island it will allow me to experience something that not many people can say they get to experience. The great thing about being such a remote area will be the ability to stop myself spending my hard earned cash and save up for the dream trip to Europe. Hopefully this time next year I will be well on my way to ‘Xploring’ the dynamic and changing cultures of Europe and hopefully Egypt. If things all go well I may possibly then return to Lizard Island, but we will see.

Moving to a new location will also have an impact on my other website THE TUBE, for those who don’t know for over four years I have been running this site dedicated to Australian television. In principle not much will change, I still have the same contacts and daily email updates from all the television networks, what will change is my ability to see television content first hand, so we will see how this will play out.

Some of the things I’m looking forward to on the island are exploring the 22 sandy white beaches around the island, going out to the reef again, and trekking up to what is called ‘Cook’s Look’. The highest peak on the island was used by Captain James Cook over 200 years ago to find safe passage out of the reef when his ship was undergoing repairs after hitting a reef at what we now call Cooktown. Of course it is also an opportunity to meet a whole heap of new people from the other 70 or so staff working on the island, and the many guests staying at the exclusive resort.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to comment or ask anything anytime through the website, or even via Twitter. @lonexplorerAU will be the account used for this site, meanwhile you can also follow my TV website on Twitter via @THETUBEtv.

Just your average guy doing his 9 - 5 job as a Senior Payroll Officer by day, writing about his travel adventures and hopefully giving you inspiration and ideas for your next travel adventure here at loneXplorer...

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