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Egypt is one of those countries that you dream of visiting one day when you’re a young primary school kid learning about the history of ancient Egypt and the many theories and myths behind the construction of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Now that dream is about to come true as I have been given a very exciting opportunity to explore the many sights of Egypt and Jordan with Travel Talk Tours on their Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Nile Cruise tour.


Travelling as a guest of Travel Talk Tours will allow me to take you along the journey with me, giving you the opportunity to read here on loneXplorer a day by day account of what to expect when travelling through Egypt and Jordan with Travel Talk Tours. Not only will you get a daily account but you’ll also get an insight into how to budget for your future trip, with a run down of what is and isn’t included as well as any optional activities and a look at the accommodation you’ll encounter along the way.

Below you will find some summary information about Travel Talk Tours and what to expect along the Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Nile Cruise tour. Of course you’ll be able to follow all the action as it happens through the loneXplorer Instagram feed, Facebook feed and of course right here on lonexplorer.com.au.

About Travel Talk Tours

Who are Travel Talk Tours?
Travel Talk Tours are a British based tour company catering for budget conscious travellers in mind. Specialising in tours to exotic destinations such as Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Russia, they pride themselves on also catering to travellers looking for an opportunity to let their hair down with Sail Croatia and Sail Greece tours.

Travel Talk Tours also offer some impressive festival packages to some of the world’s best events from the La Tomatina Festival, Oktoberfest in Munich, to the solidarity of ANZAC Day celebrations at ANZAC Cove in Gallipoli Turkey.

About this tour

Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Nile Cruise

This tour can be taken in three different forms…

Cairo & The Great Pyramids of Giza to Luxor – Day 01 & 02 Travel Talk Egypt & Jordan Discovered Tour
Today is the first day of the tour and whilst the tour will not be exploring any of the sights today, everyone will have the opportunity to meet their fellow travellers of whom they’ll be spending the next fifteen days with. I’ll be arriving from Dubai having spent four nights there prior and arriving at Cairo International Airport at around 10:30am. The great thing about Travel Talk Tours that you don’t normally get with other tour operators is that they will have a representative waiting at the airport to guide you through the visa process and to ensure you are transferred from the airport to your accommodation for the first night which will be at the Cataract Pyramids Resort.

As I’ll arrive relatively early this will give me the opportunity to sit around and relax at the hotel until later tonight, at 6:00pm the tour group and our guide will meet for the first time and have an introduction to our next fifteen nights together. Tonight the group will have an optional dinner out where everyone can get to know each other for the first time.

Our second morning will be spent in Cairo marvelling at the Great Pyramids of Giza and visiting one of the first pyramids built in Egypt, the Step Pyramid just outside Cairo in Sakkara. From here it is a long journey to our next destination, Luxor as we spend about 8 hours tracking further south along the famous River Nile.

Luxor & The Valley of the Kings to Aswan – Day 03 Travel Talk Egypt & Jordan Discovered Tour
This morning we wake up in Luxor at our hotel by the banks of the River Nile at the Steigenberger Nile Palace Luxor Hotel. As we check out, the group will head off to explore the Valley of the Kings and the City of the Dead. While we are here we also get to check out the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut before departing Luxor in the afternoon and heading to our next destination, Aswan. Our accommodation in Aswan is once again on the banks of the River Nile at the Helnan Aswan Hotel.

Aswan, Philea Temple, Abu Simbel & Boarding Nile Cruser – Day 04 Travel Talk Egypt & Jordan Discovered Tour
An early morning awaits the tour group this morning for those who opt to take the optional tour of the Abu Simbel Temples. These amazing temples were relocated to higher ground for the construction of the High Dam, built to control the River Nile and to supply Egypt with hydro electricity. We will visit the High Dam and also catch a boat out to an island that is home to the Philea Temple.

Tonight the group will get to spend their first night on the five star Nile Cruiser, Felucca boat or another night in a hotel depending on which tour they chose. I’ll be spending the next two nights on the Nile Cruiser which will be nice to sit back and watch the locals go about their business along the Nile.

Nile Cruse, Edfu & Kom Ombo Temples to Luxor – Day 05 & 06 Travel Talk Egypt & Jordan Discovered Tour
Our journey continues along as we sail north back towards Luxor on the Nile Cruiser. As we kick back and relax everything is provided for on board including a swimming pool. This is a welcome opportunity to recharge the batteries from all the early mornings and long drives of the trip before resuming again.

Once the group disembarks the Nile Cruiser we head off on our way to Luxor, before arriving for the night we explore the temples of Edfu and Kom Ombo.

Luxor & the Temple of Luxor to Cairo – Day 07 Travel Talk Egypt & Jordan Discovered Tour
We wake up once again in Luxor and before we head back to where it all began a couple of days ago in Cairo, we check out the Temple of Luxor located not far from our hotel and get to see where the obelisk that now sits in the Place de la Concorde in Paris originally came. Close by we also check out the Temple of Karnak and then later in the afternoon we start our eight hour journey back to Cairo checking back into the Cataract Pyramids Resort.

Cairo, Egyptian Museum & Kahn El Khalili Bazaar to Dahab – Day 08 & 09 Travel Talk Egypt & Jordan Discovered Tour
On this portion of the tour we get to experience more of the capital Cairo, on our full day of exploring we get to see the sights of the Khan El Khalili Bazaar and try and haggle down the price on some items. The group will also see the Mosque of Muhammad Ali which is one of the major prominent buildings seen from all angles of Cairo.

One of the highlights of the entire tour is being able to see the Egyptian Museum packed full of artefacts from all around Egypt including the sucofocus of the boy Pharaoh Tutankhamen. After an action packed day of exploring Cairo, tonight the group will have an optional extra activity witnessing the Sound & Light Show in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza.

The following morning the group will depart Cairo for the final time to make our way down to the Red Sea and the costal town of Dahab for two nights of fun and activities. Some exciting times ahead here.

Dahab to Wadi Rum via Taba & Aqaba – Day 10 & 11 Travel Talk Egypt & Jordan Discovered Tour
The final Egyptian part of the Travel Talk Tours Egypt & Jordan tour awaits the group today as we have a full day in Dahab to soak up this costal resort town. While in Dahab we’ll have the opportunity to partake in some snorkelling, diving, camel rides, jeep adventures and quad biking whilst residing at the Dahab Paradise Hotel.

Entering day 11 of our tour we will then make our way north to the Egyptian town of Taba where we’ll catch the ferry across the Red Sea into Jordan and the city of Aqaba. Once in Jordan we make the short journey to Wadi Rum where our night in a desert camp awaits us as we explore the red sand dunes of the region recently made famous by the movie The Martian starring Matt Damon.

Wadi Rum to Petra – Day 12 Travel Talk Egypt & Jordan Discovered Tour
Today is a really exciting day and will no doubt be one of the many stand out highlights along the trip, Petra! We make the short journey from Wadi Rum to Petra where we’ll spend one night exploring the fascinating sights of the Treasury and surrounding areas.

The great thing about Petra is that our hotel is located close to the entrance, staying at La Maison Hotel Petra I’m hoping to be able to visit the sights when it’s dark to see the famous Treasury lit up by candlelight at night.

Petra, the Dead Sea & Kerak to Amman – Day 13 to 15 Travel Talk Egypt & Jordan Discovered Tour
The final portion of the Travel Talk Tours Egypt & Jordan Discovered tour awaits the group now as we depart Petra and make our way further north to our final destination, the capital of Jordan, Amman. Along the way we’ll visit the Castle of Kernak but after that we will float around for a while, literally, in the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea of course is known for the massive amounts of salt content meaning that anyone venturing in the waters will always float to the top. From here we make our final journey to Amman for two nights in the capital.

On day 14 of the tour we will spend the day exploring the many sights of Amman including the Roman Theatre with the final day 15 ending our tour in Jordan after breakfast.

As you can tell there is a lot to see and do within the fifteen days travelling with Travel Talk Tours on the Egypt & Jordan Discovered Tour. If you would like more information of this tour and all of its features, head over to the official website here. Of course keep your eye on the loneXplorer website from the end of December when you’ll start to see a day to day account of my adventures along this tour, and also keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for action as it happens.

Below is a summary of my travel plans along this journey including visits to Dubai and Singapore along the way. As you can see I like to plan everything to make sure I haven’t missed anything.


A guide book isn’t cheating! Before you leave on your next adventure ensure you plan to get the most out of your trip and check out the range of guide books from Lonely Planet. The comprehensive guide books on Egypt & Jordan from Lonely Planet will give you and insight on what to expect on your Travel Talk Tours journey of these two amazing countries.

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loneXplorer travelled as a guest of Travel Talk Tours on the Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Nile Cruse tour. The cost of the 15 day tour was covered by Travel Talk Tours however all reviews and opinions on loneXplorer remain those of the author and have not been influenced by the tour operator, accommodation provider or anyone else. For more information on all the reviews you see on loneXplorer and the links provided to advertisers please click here.

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