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Bendigo is located 149 kilometres North West of Melbourne following the Calder Freeway, this historical goldmining town offers visitors many attractions with one of the most loved being the Bendigo Talking Tram tour. The tramway has been in operation around Bendigo in many forms since 1890 starting off with a fleet of battery powered trams. These were removed due to their unreliability and were replaced by steam power shortly before making their final conversion to electricity.


Starting from the Central Deborah Mine the Talking Tram Tour is a 4.2 kilometre (one way) trip through the heart of Bendigo with a stopover at the Bendigo Tram Museum/Workshop, the whole journey is accompanied by audio commentary where the “Talking Tram” gets its name. The museum is where trams of yesteryear are restored to their former glory and even where the famous Melbourne W Class trams are restored. Visitors are free to wonder around the Tram Museum for as long as they wish with another tram arriving 30 minutes later to continue the journey.

After leaving the Tram Museum the tour continues up to North Bendigo where travellers have the opportunity to disembark at the end of the line to have a look at the Joss House and to learn about the history of Chinese settlement in the area. From North Bendigo the tour will head back along the same line through the main street of Bendigo passing a large fountain in the street and the stunning Sacred Heart Cathedral before ending at the Central Deborah Mine.

The whole Talking Tram Tour takes around 2 hours to complete and is a must do when visiting Bendigo, additionally the Central Deborah Mine offers guided tours of the mine facility sixty metres underground which can last in excess of 2 hours, so come prepared.

For further information of the Bendigo Talking trams and the Central Deborah Mine, click the following links below.

Talking Tram Tour…

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  1. Kamal Pasha Says: December 11, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    Melbourne too got a Tram Museum, though not as good as the Bendigo one. But a very interesting one. I have been there a few times.

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