Two and a half months, island fever is hitting


Since the last time I posted on this website I made it a goal to access one of the harder beaches on Lizard Island, Coconut Beach. Last time I last spoke about Coconut Beach I was unable to find a way to access the beach from Lizard Head as the decline was quite steep, but on further investigation there are a series of ropes to assist with the decent.


Coconut Beach is one of the more picturesque locations on the island and tends to be missed by many of the resort guests staying on the island as it is a fair hike to the beach. Once climbing down the rope you are then confronted with the thought of needing to eventually go back up the same way you just came down.

The beach is also known as a prime location to spot turtles, I haven’t yet been able to see any so this is one of my goals while I am here. I managed to make it to the opposite end of the beach and climbed up the hillside where there is no track. Once again doing this trip in thongs is probably not the greatest idea as the terrain is quite rocky and some points require walking through thick bushy scrub.

On another note it has now been two and a half months since I moved from the comfort, familiarity and blizzard like conditions of Melbourne to work and live on Lizard Island in the Great Barrier Reef. While the experience has been a great one to venture out and experience something different in my life, it also has its many drawbacks like any situation.

The most notable drawback is of course the isolation from the rest of the world not being able to simply get in my car and drive down the street or freeway, something I’m missing immensely. On top of that simply using the internet up here is a challenge in itself with slow satellite internet and no mobile phone reception meaning many things that I would personally like to get done are a waste of time even attempting.

While many can view this as either a positive or a negative, living on Lizard Island you lose all comprehension of what day of the week it is. This is especially so if you happen to get a day off on a Wednesday and come back to work of Thursday, it feels like it is Monday all over again.

On December 1 I will be coming up to my three months on the island with that comes a review of my performance and a free return flight off the island. The plan at the moment is to use that flight to get to Cairns and from there fly home to Melbourne for a week in January. Hopefully with that week off I will be refreshed enough to put up with another three months stuck on the island, the situation is a lot harder when the people you have been working with decide that their time has come to an end. This is a harsh reality that I or many people won’t get used too.

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