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London to Paris – Day 01 & 02 Topdeck Mega European Tour England / France / Topdeck Mega European

Today is the first day of our epic 49 day tour of the European continent with tour company Topdeck, we are embarking on the longest tour they offer, the 49 Day Mega European Tour. The first two days of the tour take in the sights of Paris, but before making it to France we need to check in with our tour leader at the Clink Hostel where three other tours were leaving on the same day, very hectic.

A mega European tour begins in London England / Topdeck Mega European

I have embarked on my greatest adventure yet, my very first trip outside of Australia and not just any trip. I will be spending a whole two months exploring the most popular and well-known destinations around Europe and I will be bringing you all my experiences right here on loneXplorer. During my time on this epic two month adventure I will be spending time in the capital of the United Kingdom, London.

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