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The Topdeck Mega European Tour is one of the best tours you can take if you have a spare month and a half and want to experience as much as Europe as you can within a limited time frame. The tour is made up of the following seven Topdeck tours put together, so you don’t have to travel the full circuit and can do many one way trips incorporated into the greater 49 days. This also means that even if you are doing the entire 49 day circuit you will meet new people every week or so when people depart and new faces join the tour.

This tour captures the best of Eastern and Western Europe from as far west as Barcelona, Spain to as far east as Istanbul in Turkey. This tour explores and exposes you to many different cultures that can be found throughout Europe and as you make your way around you can start to fit the pieces together and understand why Europe went through two World Wars and other atrocities that were committed during the 90s’.

There is plenty of fun to have along the way with an array of optional extra activities from city bike tours, cabaret shows, sailing around the Greek waters, walking tours and many nights out on the town. There is something for everyone on the Topdeck Mega European Tour.


15 Day Classic Europe (London – Rome)
24 Day Road to Athens (London – Athens)
29 Day Bosphorus Adventure (London – Istanbul)
35 Day Imperial Trail (Rome – London)
30 Day Eastern Adventure (Athens – London)
21 Day Eastern Explore (Istanbul – London)
13 Day East Meets West (Budapest – London)



The Topdeck Turkey Explored Tour is a small group tour focussing on what has become one of my favourite countries to visit and gave me experiences that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Starting and finishing in the city that spans two continents Istanbul, this country is becoming more and more popular every year and why wouldn’t it? It’s a relatively cheap country to travel in and has some of the worlds oldest monuments and history and this is just within the stunning city of Istanbul.

I first experienced Turkey while undertaking the Topdeck Mega European Tour visiting Gallipoli and then the historic city of Istanbul, the country’s largest and fell in love. This prompted me to return a year later to do the Topdeck Turkey Explored Tour and with the local knowledge of our tour guide made it one of the best tours I have been on to date. You will visit the capital of Turkey Ankara and learn about the founding father of the modern Turkish Republic, Ataturk by visiting his mausoleum.

However the best part of the journey comes when staying in central Turkey and the Cappadocia region, getting up at 5:00am and joining the hundreds of other hot air balloons in the morning is one of those experiences that will stay with you for life. While you start the day off high up in the sky, you end it down underground checking out some of the ancient cities that have been carved underground.

Turkey has something for everyone from history, culture, unique experiences and many fun nights out which can all be experienced on the Topdeck Turkey Explored Tour.


Haggis Adventures

The Haggis Adventures Skye High Tour is and ideal trip to the Scottish Highlands if you only have a spare couple of days and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. You’ll get the opportunity to try and spot the Loch Ness Monster at the famous Loch Ness and tour the impressive Isle of Skye in this three day tour.

Haggis Adventures also offer a five day tour taking in similar sights and a little more, so if you have more time to spare then defiantly check this tour out as well. Along the journey you will also get to stop by one of the regions best known castles, Eileen Donan Castle which is made famous in many films such as Entrapment and The World is Not Enough just to name a few.

To check out the real Scotland the Haggis Adventures Skye High Tour is the way to go leaving from the capital Edinburgh.



Busabout is unique in that you can taylor your trip to suit you and where you want to go with the flexible Hop On Hop Off network made up of the north, south and west loops. For the first time in 2016 Busabout have added a new loop, the east loop takes in some of the most popular destinations in Eastern Europe.

For my Busabout Hop On Hop Off experience I started my adventure in the Spanish city of Barcelona and from here travelled to Valencia, Madrid, San Sebastian, Tours in France, Paris, Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, Lucerne and finally the German city of Munich. This utilised the Busabout west loop and a small part of the south loop towards the end of the journey.

For tips and ticks on how to get the best out of your flexible Busabout Hop On Hop Off adventure, follow my journey and see for yourself how easy it is.



Happen to be around Spain at the end of August? Well then why don’t you thrust yourself into the La Tomatina Festival where you can experience the world’s biggest food fight on the last Wednesday in August every year. loneXplorer travelled to the small village of Buñol outside Valencia with Busabout and you can read about all the craziness that happened and gear yourself up on what to expect.

While you come to La Tomatina for the food fight the Busabout experience involves much more than that and allows you to soak up the culture of Valencia and party the nights away with the official La Tomatina After Party as well as the optional extra of watching some Spanish Flamenco Dancing. Busabout have many La Tomatina packages on offer from staying in a hotel, a hostel or you can rough it by camping at a camping ground just outside Valencia, the choice is yours.



The Busabout Iberian Adventure Tour is one of the most popular tours being offered in Europe by Busabout. You may of heard about Busabout with there famous Hop On Hop Off style of travel around Europe and now Asia, but the tour operator also specialises in smaller country and festival specific tours. The Iberian Adventure takes in all the impressive sites of Spain starting off in Madrid and taking in other Spanish cities of Seville, Tarifa, Cordoba, Toledo and Granada.

You will also get to experience a taste of two other countries by visiting to Portuguese town of Lagos for two nights and you’ll also get to leave Europe for a night and head over to Africa and the Moroccan city of Tangier for an unforgettable experience.



Oktoberfest, the world’s largest and most well known beer festival is an annual event, not just attracting thousands of people from all over the world, but millions with 5.9 million attending the event in 2015 which is down on previous years due to the refugee crisis gripping Europe at the time. This is truly one of those things you need to experience at least once in your lifetime and I got to experience this beer drinking festival in all its glory with Busabout.

With Busabout’s Oktoberfest packages you have the option to either stay in hostel accommodation for three nights and four days, or you can head out to the camping ground and experience Oktoberfest whilst camping under the stars for the same amount of nights, or take up the five nights and six days option travelling from London.