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One of the most confronting and daunting tasks of joining a group tour is the “getting to know you” phase and introducing yourself. Often on group tours you are forced on the first day to play the old getting to know you games, which is usually sitting next to everyone on the bus and talking about yourself for 2 minutes. The process is simply awkward, inconvenient and most of the time embarrassing.


While this introduction to a group tour is never going to be avoidable, there is a simple way of making this process less daunting by breaking the ice before you join your next tour. There is a phrase someone may have coined long ago “there’s an app for that”, well online tour booking agency TourRadar have introduced the TourRadar Meet App for iPhone and Android phones.

Essentially the TourRadar Meet app is WhatsApp for tours, you can discuss travel plans with your fellow travellers or even organise for a meet up before the tour begins, very handy if you are a solo traveller and you are in your tour’s starting city a couple of days before hand.

The app is really user friendly, most tour operators are included on the app and searching for your tour is as simple as searching for the tour name, or the tour operator. If your tour is not on the app, or your tour is there but not your departure date, simply add the tour yourself and you’ll be the first person to break the ice for your group.

With the latest update of the app you also have the ability to share photos, it’s a great tool to use even while on the tour if you all want to exchange photos or send out a group message for a meet up at dinner while on tour.

For more information, do yourself a favour and head over to the TourRadar website for the links to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store here.

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