Busabout updates the Iberian Adventure Tour for 2017. What you need to know!

Busabout Iberian Adventure / Morocco / Portugal / Spain

It’s that time of year again as we approach the end of 2016, now is well and truly the time to lock in your European travel plans for 2017 with many deals being thrown out there by the major of tour operators. If one of your plans for 2017 is to travel with Busabout and you’re wanting to check out some of what Spain and Portugal has to offer then you have come to the right place.


Busabout is best known as the tour operator that allows travellers a flexible way to travel around Europe (and as of a couple of years ago Asia) giving them access to their Hop-On Hop-Off coach network of which I travelled on in 2015. Part of my adventures around Europe with Busabout included the impressive Iberian Adventure tour that ran for seven days taking in the sights of Madrid, Cordoba, Seville, Lagos, Tangier in Morocco, Granada, Toledo and then back to Madrid again.

For the Busabout 2017 season that has all changed, and I must say for the better as Busabout has redesigned the Iberian Adventure tour to now make it a one way trip allowing an extra stop in Portugal to the capital Lisbon. Along with changing the Iberian Adventure and making it a one way journey, Busabout have also extended the Hop-On Hop-Off network into Portugal enabling travellers to travel from Lisbon to Madrid, completing a loop around the Iberian Coast and joining back up to the traditional Hop-On Hop-Off network.

You can read all about my experience on the Iberian Adventure Tour from 2015, it’s essentially still the same tour but in a different order and one way with the addition of Lisbon. Admittedly I’m really jealous that the tour has changed as it looks like a more practical way to see more whilst also extending the tour by an extra day.

2017 Iberian Adventure

The Iberian Adventure in 2017 can be taken two ways; either from Madrid to Lisbon; or in reverse from Lisbon to Madrid. The tour takes eight days to complete (seven nights) and if starting the Iberian Adventure Tour in Madrid you’ll see and visit the following cities. Madrid –> Granada (2 nights) –> Tangier (1 night) –> Seville (1 night) –> Lagos (2 nights) –> Lisbon (1 night). For the Lisbon to Madrid trip just reverse the above.

—— red line 2015 route
—— green line 2017 new route
—— blue line 2017 new Hop-On Hop-Off route

With the additional support of the Hop-On Hop-Off network entering Portugal (travelling anti-clockwise) ideally if you had the time and were doing most of your travels on Busabout you would complement the Iberian Adventure with the Portuguese portion of the Hop-On Hop-Off coach.

Ideally you would want start in Madrid on the Hop-On Hop-Off coach and perhaps spend two nights in Porto, which is an optional stop. You can also stop in Salamanca but this would extend your journey by an additional two days meaning it would take four days to reach Lisbon. From Porto head to Lisbon before joining the Iberian Adventure Tour. Doing it this way will essentially extend your Iberian Adventure tour by two days and add in the ability to see Porto, and maybe indulge in some local Port.

What can I expect on the Busabout Iberian Adventure Tour?

One awesome time that’s for sure! But to be a little more specific you’re always in good hands when it comes to Busabout, they have been doing this for a long time and their guides are some of the best I have encounted. On top of this the accommodation is top notch, staying in some of the nicest hostels you’ll come across in Europe all centrally located. UHostel in Madrid is a real stand out on the Busabout network.

As far as the day to day goes this is what you’ll be seeing and doing on the Busabout Iberian Adventure Tour. Please note as the tour is different from when I took it I’ll do my best to translate it into the new format (the itinerary is essentially reversed in some parts).

Day 01: Lisbon to Lagos

Today is the first day of the tour and a great opportunity to meet your fellow travellers. Taking approximately three hours you’ll board the coach and arrive in Lagos in time for a swim in the swimming pool which is the focal point of the accommodation for the next two nights.

Tonight will be all about introducing yourself to your fellow travellers as the group heads out for an optional dinner at a local restaurant where you’ll be able to try some White Sangria or some Green Wine. After dinner it’s time to hit some local bars before partying the night away until the early hours of the morning.

Day 02: Lagos

Visiting Lagos is an opportunity to kick back and relax while taking in the sun and sea and some of the optional activities, or for some to nurse a massive hangover from the previous night. One of the highlights is the Sea Kayaking that involved the group splitting up into two and taking on the sea as we explored the stunning coastline.

Halfway through the trip we stop off at a small beach cove and spend about an hour soaking in the calm coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Everyone was in for some sore arms tonight.

After an exhausting day out on the ocean some people may decide to party the night away whilst others will be wanting some shuteye before the early departure awaiting the group the next day. This evening everyone was left on their own to organise what they would like for dinner, a good opportunity to head into Lagos as a small group and have a quick bite to eat.

2015 Iberian Adventure: Lagos – Day 02 & 03 Busabout Iberian Adventure Tour

Day 03: Lagos to Seville

This morning you’ll leave the costal city of Lagos and cross the border into Spain en-route to Seville. Upon arrival in Seville you’ll check into the Oasis Hostel which is centrally located before heading out as a group and having a local guide show you all the sites of Seville.

We visit the Seville Cathedral which on the occasion I visited was closed as we arrived in the late afternoon and continued on to see the Jewish Quarter Santa Cruz. Our walking tour took a modern twist as we also visited the Metropol Parasol, the largest wooden structure in the world.

Tonight you and the group will have the opportunity for an optional dinner at a traditional tapas restaurant, later in the evening once dinner is over the group will head back to the hotel rooftop. With a bar on the roof overlooking Seville you can spend the night getting to know your trip mates until late or until the bar kicks you out to close for the night.

2015 Iberian Adventure: Seville – Day 01 Busabout Iberian Adventure Tour

Day 04: Seville to Tangier

This morning the tour group will depart Seville but not before checking out the amazing Plaza de Espana that you’ll find featured in many major movies. But today is all about leaving Europe behind and crossing the Strait of Gibraltar into Africa, more specifically the Moroccan city of Tangier.

On arrival in Tangier you’ll be greeted by a local guide and a local coach to be taken around on a driving tour of Tangier. You’ll then be taken on a walking tour around the Medina and will also have the opportunity to buy some products that can only be made in Morocco.

Tonight the group is taken out to a Moroccan restaurant which is included as part of the tour where you’ll sample some of the delicacies of Morocco. By the time the group checks into the hotel it is pretty late and you’ll more than likely be straight off to bed to prepare for the next day of travel back to Europe.

2015 Iberian Adventure: Tangier via Tarifa – Day 04 Busabout Iberian Adventure Tour

Day 05: Tangier to Granada

This morning you’ll wake up in the Moroccan city of Tangier and prepare to head back to the ferry for the trip back to Europe and Tarifa. Breakfast is a treat in the Chellah Hotel this morning as you’ll have the option of having some traditional crepes made right in front of you.

En-route to Granada we stop at a lookout point for a brief look across the water at Gibraltar and get to take a few photos.

Arriving in Granada we check into our hostel for the next two nights, the White Nest Hostel and from here we are taken on a walking tour of the city by our Busabout guide. Tonight the group has the option to go out this evening for views over Granada, lit up at night and then to a Flamenco Show. You’ll then also have the opportunity to go out to the bars this evening.

Day 06: Granada

Today we get a full day to explore Granada and the amazing site that is the Alhambra. The group has the option to go on a tour with a private guide, however you can save some money by purchasing your own tickets online before leaving home.

Exploring this impressive moorish site takes up most of your day for good reason as the place is massive. It is Spain’s most visited attraction, situated up on the hill overlooking the city you gain impressive views as you take in all the well maintained buildings.

The remainder of the day is yours to do as you please, the group also has an optional activity tonight by visiting a hamman for a relaxing time. Tomorrow will be the final full day on the tour as you make your way back to Madrid.

2015 Iberian Adventure: Tangier to Granada – Day 05 & 06 Busabout Iberian Adventure Tour

Day 07: Granada to Madrid via Consuegra and Toledo

Today will be the final day of the tour as we make our way back to Madrid, however we still have a lot of things to see and do. The first stop along the way is the windmills on top of a hill in the small village of Consuegra where a small number of these windmills have been preserved for people to witness how they contributed to everyday life.

We then continue on to the city of Toledo, a medieval city just outside of Madrid that sits aloft on top of a mountain with roads so narrow cars do not enter. To get to the summit the bus is left at the bottom and a series of escalators have been built to get people to the summit. We spend a few hours here wondering around and have some lunch before continuing onto Madrid.

The group arrives at the UHostel for the final night of the tour where everyone goes out to dinner for one last time.

2015 Iberian Adventure: Granada to Madrid via Consuegra & Toledo – Day 07 Busabout Iberian Adventure Tour

Day 08: Madrid

This morning the tour officially comes to an end after breakfast as you check out of the UHostel. From here you can jump on the Busabout Hop-On Hop-Off network and head towards the next compulsory stop, San Sebastian, or you can spend a couple of days in Madrid checking out the sights.

The update to the Iberian Adventure Tour for the 2017 season looks great and I think complements the Hop-On Hop-Off network a lot better especially with the addition of Portugal into the mix. You essentially get to see all the same sites (with the exception of Cordoba) but have more time overall to include the addition of Lisbon while not compromising the opportunity to say you visited Africa.

For more information and to book your spot on the Busabout Iberian Adventure Tour, click here. Just note that at this point the website is only showing the Madrid to Lisbon trip and not the reversal, however it is in the printed brochure.

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