Auditioning for Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire TV Show Audience / Victoria

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Today I went along to the second stage of the Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire auditions, which were held at The University of Melbourne’s Hawthorn campus. It started out with everyone lining up to get their name marked off, then everyone was presented with a unique contestant number to be stuck on as a label.

We all then proceeded to the lecture theater where we were presented with a sheet of paper to write our answers to thirty multiple choice questions, and were also given a bottle of water.

The questions were presented in a power point presentation in the same format they appear on the actual show. An example of an easy question asked was: What is the last stage in a woman’s pregnancy?
A: Liberal B: Democrat C: Labour D: Family First
(bit of a joke question)

They revealed also that they have scrapped the fastest finger first part if the show, and the contestant will just go straight into it.

They cut down the number of people based on the result of the 30 question general knowledge test. They basically wanted half the amount of people who were there, around about 100 people were roughly there and they did this by eliminating the lowest scoring half of the people present.

The top scoring people then stayed behind to then have a photo taken, and to have an interview recorded and then they would be contacted at a later date for a further phone interview. After that they would be then contacted to be told if they are on the show.

For the record, no I’m not that smart I only got 16 correct… Oh well, I’ll have to earn a million the hard way…

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