A night with Bert Newton in the audience of Bert’s Family Feud

TV Show Audience / Victoria

This blog post first appeared on my old TV Blog THE TUBE.


Last night (Friday 19th January 2007) I went along with a friend to the recording of three episodes of Bert’s Family Feud, filmed at Channel Nine’s GTV9 studio’s in Richmond, Melbourne.

Before we entered the studio, all members of the audience were required to watch a Health and Safety DVD narrated by Pete Smith. We then entered the famous ‘Studio Nine’ where such shows as Hey Hey It’s Saturday, The Price Is Right, Sale Of The Century, and many many more have taken place.

We were then escorted to where they wanted us to sit and on the way in collected a clip board so we could participate in the famous ‘100 person survey’. Then Pete Smith himself entered and was on hand to warm up the audience all night from start till finish and during all the breaks.

Then with the producer of the show we went through the drill of what they wanted us to do, how loudly to cheer/clap and what we need to yell out at certain times. Plus because this was the first show for 2007 there is also a new segment on the show called ‘Where’s Bert?’. This was inspired by someone at a cricket match in India where he had a mask of Bert Newton and now the idea is to go to the Family Feud web site and print off a mask of Bert and take a photo of yourself anywhere in the world and the most creative each week will win $500. As a parting gift, each audience member received a mask to get a head start with the competition.

Then the first show started with the two families being introduced and then the big intro of ‘HERE’S BERT!’ and the show was underway. Then once we went to each ad break Bert would come over and chat to the audience and pick on some people of course making his usual jokes, and handing out chocolate and Family Feud caps to a few lucky people.

This year also see’s a new announcer on the show, last year it was Paul Khoury, he has since left and now Simon Diaz from Mix 101.1 has taken over. Bert made a point of this but as you wont see in the January 31st show, Bert pronounced his name incorrectly and this was not realised until filming the second episode, but was corrected with a new voice recording which will go over the top.

I do recommend if you can to go along, its a long night and you’re bum may fall asleep on the very uncomfortable chairs but it’s well worth it and to do so go to http://ninemsn.com.au/familyfeud and you have the chance to win prizes and have all sorts of fun, and to find out the secrets of behind the scenes (I haven’t given it all away).

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